6 Tips for a Great Accelerator Application [PART 1]


So you have decided to apply to our Accelerator – great idea! Here are some foolproof tips for a great application.

HARDWARE.co is looking for its 3rd batch of hardware teams to join the accelerator. With 100+ applications as your competition for 10 slots, we have put together some tips and insights into what we look for when we select companies to join us for the program. The good thing is that we always value quality over quantity so a few extra hours spent on that application is well worth your time when you’re hoping to join one of the few global hardware accelerator programs.



Tip 1 – Collect your all of the questions in a document.

Seems simple, right? Before starting with the application process, copy all questions into a Word document. Take some time to read and understand all questions. If you need help, drop us a line at info@hardware.co and we are happy to assist you anytime. Start answering the questions in the document together as a team. Get some feedback from friends and family and revise your answers based on their suggestions. At the end, you’ll be happy that the application flows smoothly, gives us a full view of your vision and gets us excited to hop on board with you!


Tip 2 – General Info

For those of you who are seasoned entrepreneurs, this should be a no-brainer. Concentrate and make sure that all info is clear and correct. If the basic stuff isn’t covered, we won’t be able to concentrate on your great ideas. Basic info is also very important so we can contact your team about your project and invite you to the very important Part 2 of the application – THE INTERVIEW.


Tip 3 – Provide a short video (No more than 5 minutes!)

Make sure to create three nice videos. Prior to recording, we recommend to write a script and do some dry runs to get your story right. If it doesn’t come out so smoothly the first time, re-record! Here, effort does count so be creative with how you make your first impression.

While effort is key, fancy equipment is not – we aren’t concerned with receiving a professionally recorded, cinematic experience – we just want to know about your team and project. Recording with your laptop or smartphone camera perfectly fine as long as we can get a sense of who you are and what you’re making. Regarding the upload of the video, public posting is not necessary, sending us the post via DropBox, WeTransfer, etc. is fine as long as we can receive it.


Tip 4 – Product

A good description of your product is key! We want to know exactly what you’ve been working on – and more importantly, why. Let us in on the problem you are solving and your business model in a short sentence or paragraph each – these are the things we are here to help with.

In case you are struggling, think about how to describe your business in one sentence and build on your descriptions from there. We care about who your biggest competitors are – if you have some, its good – it means you are onto something!

Don’t forget to update us on the current stage of your prototype and your fundraising activities, what have you accomplished to date. We also want to hear what your top three problems are so we can strategize how we could help you solve them. This last point is key, as it’s important we know how much we can help you and if we need to tweak the program to better fit your needs.


Tip 5 – Team

Make sure we get a good grasp at your team, your background, the involvement and how you have met. We are looking for teams that can work together but who’s interest and expertise cover all corners of the Hardware universe, from electronics, mechanical engineering, design, finance, marketing and everything else. Also, if your team is complete – that’s okay. We love helping teams fill the gaps they have through our network while they are in the accelerator.


Tip 6 – Additional Info

Last but certainly not least, let us know what you expect from our accelerator and be honest about what your needs. We want teams who are aiming high, but are pragmatic enough to get there. The more concrete your answers are, the better we will be able to help you during the program and more likely we are to accept you and tailor the program.

This final section is also the chance to upload any additional material you want us to take a look at to increase your chance of acceptance.


We hope this helps shed some light on the ins and outs of the application. For those of you who still have burning questions feel free to reach out at info@hardware.co.


We look forward to reading your application.