Announcing the 2015 Accelerator Teams


We are very pleased to announce the 15 teams that will be joining us for the 2015 March Accelerator in Berlin. We will be profiling each of our amazing teams over the next few weeks but until then enjoy the overview!

Thanks once again to each of the amazing applications we received, our decision was a very difficult one.


BatSuite (Bratislava, Slovakia) – BatSuite is a wearable device that brings back the extra sense for visually impaired by translating sonar echo into sound, vibration or pressure notices to the hand and wrist of the user. Thanks to these notices users have a better understanding of their surroundings and can navigate safer without the traditional ‘white cane.


Bionic Light (Esslingen, Germany) – Bionic Light is an extreme ultra high power flashlight connected with your smartphone. Not only is the Bionic Light stronger than anything out on the market. But it uses a state of the art mobile technology for sensors, intelligent control and connectivity to smartphones.

Bionic Light

Casitoo Design (Munich, Germany) – Casitoo Design is making the flexible distribution of electricity in homes and offices more aesthetically pleasing and adding functionality. Their modular system achieves this through re-designing the dull but millions-of-units-sold everyday-product: the multiple-socket elongation cord.


eCozy (Munich, Germany) – eCozy wants to make your home smarter and turn prosaic household objects into objects of desire. With the innovative eCozy thermostat, we offer integrated features that surpass the basic sensing and control functions of traditional products.Core of our philosophy is: a smart product must appear simple and usable for non-technical individuals.


Full Windsor (Berlin, Germany) – Full Windsor makes innovative outdoors gear for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate high quality equipment that is fully designed and considered. Full Windsor’s founder – Mark Windsor, an experienced industrial designer leads the team of three which includes an professional photographer/graphic designer and electronics engineer.


Junkbot (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) – Junkbot is a Do It Yourself Robotic kit which help children make real life working robots from unwanted junk. Using everyday items like water bottles, Coffee cups, old CDs and cardboard, Junkbot gives young people the blueprint to create their very own robot, with varying degrees of difficulty. Junkbot helps children to learn the core STEM/STEAM concepts of analytical thinking, problem solving, prototyping, lateral thinking and building – without ever compromising on the uniquely fun experience of what is essentially allowing a child to build and program a robot to their own design.



Lumind (Berlin, Germany) – Lumind is a glowing wrist wearable and station. The device reminds people with diabetes of their last blood glucose level. A slight pulsation of the light suggests a new checkup on their levels. They can easily enter the measured levels into a dedicated App on their phone. The app analyzes the data and it provides weekly updates and statistical diagrams. The combination of App and wearable allow a quick and easy way to keep track of their blood glucose without disturbing daily activities.


Miito (Copenhagen, Denmark / Berlin, Germany) – Miito is an innovative product that heats liquids directly in the vessel to be used, hence eliminating the heating of excess water. Simply fill your cup with water, place it onto the induction base and immerse the rod in the liquid. The induction base heats the rod, which then heats the liquid surrounding it. Miito works with non-ferrous vessels of any size, for example a pot of tea when inviting guests.



Quantum Systems (Munich, Germany) – Quantum Systems is developing a hybrid drone design that is a combination of a rotary-wing concept and a fixed-wing system. Allowing the drone to both take off and land vertically (like a helicopter) as well as achieve horizontal flight (like a fixed-wing plane). Due to its high payload of 10 kg and range of more than 500 km it can also be used for humanitarian aid, disaster relief as well as logistic purposes.

Quantum Systems


Senic (Berlin, Germany) – Senic replaces graphical user interfaces by turning everyday objects like dials and surfaces like tables into haptic user interfaces.
We believe that 20 years from now, we will look back and laugh about the fact that we, as humans, starred at black boxes on our desks all day and carried a screen device like a smartphone in our pocket. Our first product is a programmable controller for your computer and connected devices.

senic logo 2015


Smart Lumies – (Zagreb, Croatia) Smart Lumies is creating the future of early-stage education with their embedded technology cubes. The cubes communicate with each other depending on how they are placed, allowing the child to understand different relationships between the cubes based on how they interact with them. By moving the cubes, the child finds out new things and unconsciously learns about physics, about colors, sounds and much more.


StoryHome (Munich, Germany) – We’ve always told our stories with our voice. StoryHome enables you to tell and share easily with your grandkids, friends and communities. StoryHome is a pair of devices that allow transfer of stories between loved ones through a cloud platform. Best of all, families can keep these stories and pass them down through generations.


Swocket (Berlin/Hamburg, Germany) – Swocket is an affordable internet-connected smart socket. It lets you switch your devices remotely and gives you insight into your electricity consumption.

Time Rift Tours (Berlin Germany / Madrid, Spain) – Time Rift Tours is creating a portable stereoscopic headset powerful enough to run 3D simulated versions of historic sites. Through this headset, tourists will be able to experience a 3D historical world as it was during a certain time period, combining education and entertainment to revolutionize the tourism industry.


Venyard (Munich, Germany)- venyard is developing The One Button Phone – the easiest phone to use designed especially for elderly and their caring relatives. Unlike other ‘wrist-phones’ or phones integrated into wearables on the market, venyard’s patented solution provides improved reception for a better audio quality and longer standby time.


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