HARDWARE.co Teams up with Hackster.io


The rumors are true, we have been on the phone to our friends in the USA to broker a major team-up with Hackster.io.

What is Hackster, you ask?

“Hackster is the fastest growing, online community for creating hardware. From beginners to the advanced, Hackster empowers people everywhere to learn, build and sell their creations without the traditional overhead of manufacturing, retail and venture capital. Founded by hardware and software entrepreneurs, Hackster’s mission is to help makers succeed in their own right.”




Essentially, Hackster.io is a great online platform for hardware lovers of all levels to share and collaborate. Much like the mission of HARDWARE.co, Hackster strives to make the world a more awesome place for hardware. We’re joining forces to carry out this mission by helping them bring Hackster Hardware Weekends to Berlin this September. If you’re interested in being a part of the Hackster Weekend – send us an e-mail or join our newsletter for the latest info.

Here are three of our favorite (and funniest) projects from the site – to browse more, jump on over to Hackster.io to see what people are hacking!



Data Painting by Jake Ingman (posted by Alex ‘Merlin’ Glowaski) – Create ephemeral, data-rich light paintings in the air, using a motion sensor.



Fireproof Santa by Dylan Valade – Save your family from over 200 Christmas tree fires every year. Let your tree text or email when it’s thirsty.



Party Pixel Cube by Nick Franklin – Inspiration is always free at Thrift stores! I picked up this “ice cube” lamp for $4 and added some of Vetco’s Party Pixels!