Eight startups to revolutionise transport, logistics and urban life


After applications, interviews and tough team discussions, we’ve selected eight startups to take part in Batch #5 of the HARDWARE.co accelerator! They’re creating innovative and surprising solutions for transport, logistics, supply chains and urban life in our increasingly connected world – here’s how: 

Remora.iot (Costa Rica) is a cost-effective, self-powered system that tracks movement in the water to help governments monitor and control fishing in their maritime territory, helping to prevent overfishing and support sustainability in the industry. 

Dronamics (Bulgaria) are diving into an exciting market with their next-generation cargo drones  – flying as much as car-load of goods at medium range, they’re fuel-efficient and highly cost-effective. 

BEAD  (Turkey) offers a fascinating insight into the lives of our workspaces. By monitoring for patterns in human movements, occupancy, ambience and environmental changes, this startup reveals the energy consumption and daily life cycle of a building, paving the way for smart buildings of the future. 

Joyride (UK & Canada) provides bicycle fleet managers, urban planners and community leaders with the data they need to get sustainable, healthy and profitable cycling programs up and running. 

Dorbeetle (Estonia) is a software and hardware platform to turn mowers, street sweepers, leaf collectors into remotely controlled and autonomous devices – perfect for keeping smart cities clean! 

Car2AD  (Germany) is building energy self-sufficient digital billboards with HD LCD displays, WiFi Hotspot and GPS capabilities. Designed to be easily installed on top of vehicles, these billboards integrate a unique marketing opportunity into carsharing, from displaying vouchers to targeted and contextual ads. 

Dox (Lebanon) offers a smart and safe way to charge and discharge batteries with maximum efficiency. This technology is applicable specifically to unmanned systems such as drones and can prolong their battery lifetime substantially.

And finally, Sensefinity (Portugal) is an all-in-one IoT solution for logistics projects, helping clients do everything from location tracking and indoor localization, to status updates and performance monitoring through a combination of mesh, WiFi and GPS technology.

These startups will be joining us from all over the world in Berlin to commence our intensive accelerator program on February 13th, concluding on February 27th with a Demo Day. If you want to see how they pitch their solutions, get a hands-on demonstration with their prototypes and ask them questions yourselves, we suggest you join us there! Click here grab your free ticket to the Demo Day. 

If you’re keen to get to know these startups in a more intimate setting and do a bit of networking among our community while you’re at it, then don’t miss our next meetup on February 15th! Sign up for this event here.