Gregor Gross was born Anno Domini 1973, shortly after the late Bruce Lee died. Whether a transmigration of souls took place is still up for debate. A mere 34 years later, the path of his life led him to Brisbane, Australia, where he learnt alot about the creative problem solving monster that was buried deep in his mind.

Since Australia, Gregor is interested in the future of man and machine (blogging about it at Educated as bricklayer, civil engineer and MBA, he spends his career working on applying Lean Startup principles to his ventures, ranging from electronics design to children room interior design as well as some areas even he has not yet heard of.

Gregor always tries to work in a way that makes him smile while working, loves to procrastinate with baseball statistics and thinks his risotto is epoch-making. On sunday mornings at 5:32 am, when his sons wake him rudely, he longs for a time management that gives him time to sleep.