‘PR in Space’ Munich Meetup at Wayra – Recap


A big thank you from the HARDWARE.co team and the 80+ guests in attendance to Conrad Electronic SE for sponsoring the drinks as well as Wayra for hosting our Munich event last night! A big applause also goes to Alexander Voirin from Edelman for his great talk about how to do PR right as well as Dominik von Ribbentrop presenting his home automatization startup Sensonium and Guillaume Girard taking us to space with his startup Zero2infinity.


For those of you who couldn’t attend, here is a quick recap of the highlights:

After we grabbed some drinks, we kicked it off with a short introduction about HARDWARE.co and a recap of our HARDWARE.co Lap by Conrad opening at the end of January in Berlin at betahaus. If you have missed it, you can have a look on our blog post.

We also announced our partnership with WearHacks to bring the best IoT Hackathons to Munich and Berlin over the summer. WearHacks is still looking for local ambassadors in Munich and Berlin to help organize the events. Anyone who is interested, please feel free to shoot me an email for more info (niclas@hardware.co).



Alexander Voirin from our partner Edelman held the first presentation. He enlightened the crowd on how to build brand awareness. He stressed that PR is trickier than traditional marketing, but has a longer-lasting effect if you manage your brand to appear in multiple media outlets. The key is to build long-term relationships with customers, partners and press, to tell interesting and credible stories that are interactive and mutual at the same time. If you want to know more about how Edelman is supporting startups and crowdfunding campaigns with PR, you can contact Alexander directly.

DSC_0444 (1)

Alexander was followed by Dominik von Ribbentrop, a full hearted entrepreneur who has founded webmiles in 1999 (later sold to Bertelsmann), rescued and built up Stockinger Safes over the last 11 years (which is now a profitable luxury safe manufacturer) and is now about to build his third company: Sensonium – the main focus of his talk. His vision with Sensonium is to take the traditional home alarm system to the internet age, reduce radically cost of home security and thus make “security” available for everyone. At the heart of this development will be the smart home security device that Dominik brought along to show the attendees.


Last but not least was a talk from Guillaume Girard, flight controller on the international space station, to present his Space Startup Zero2infinity. He started of with presenting a short video of how they have successfully sent their first prototype with a robot into space. After that, he provided insights on how they are developing innovative solutions for human space discovery (project Bloon) and small satellite missions launch enhancement (project Bloostar). Zero2infinity is the first space company that is launching tourists and satellites with balloons into space, releasing zero Co2 into our atmosphere and dramatically reducing costs.

Thanks again to our many attendees. Also, a big round of applause to our mentors and people on stage for doing an awesome job and Dennis for taking pictures! Thanks to you, our Munich community is growing quickly and keeps getting better.

We hope that you had as much fun as we had and to see you again at Wayra on the 3rd of March – details to be announced. You are also welcome to sign up to our newsletter to always be up to date.

If you would like to pitch your startup next time, feel free to contact me directly at Niclas@hardware.co.