What’s offered at the Lab?


What’s offered at the Lab?

The HARDWARE.co Lab is a fully equipped electronics laboratory with a wide range of professional test equipment, tools and machines. The space will be able allow the design, prototype and test a variety of electronics based hardware projects. PCBs can be designed and built in a clean, brightly lit, ESD safe environment, where all work benches, storage and flooring has a conductive static-safe (ESD) coating. Users of the lab will have access to the digital solder stations, reflow oven, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, 3D printing and much more.

Aside from an incredible number of machines, components and tools supplied from Conrad, they have also provided two All-in-One PC Lenovo PCs to run Rhino and Solidworks for 3D modelling, Eagle Cad PCB layout software and many other design capabilities. Additionally, Lab users can enjoy priority booking for two 3D printers, including a Form1+ with options to print black, clear, white, rubber and castable resins and a Makerbot with full range of PLA and ABS filaments, including rubber and wood filaments.


Machine Highlights

GW Instek GLA-1016 logic analyzer, GW Instek GSP-830 spectrum analyzer, VOLTCRAFT DSO-1202D 2-channel oscilloscope with Digital Storage, Conrad Hot air reflow station and oven, VOLTCRAFT® 8210 1-channel function generator, Digital soldering stations and much more.



The Lab Team Profiles

The HARDWARE.co Lab team will be available to help users of the lab with the many challenges they might encounter while building hardware.

David Riding – Inventor and electronic engineer with 20+ years experience in hardware development.

Alexander Spiliopoulos- Independent industrial designer, rapid prototyping and manufacturing consultant.

Øyvind Dahl – Electronics enthusiast, tech-writer and online entrepreneur.


We look forward to seeing you in the lab! For more info on who can use the lab check out our blog post here.